How can our company request for a free trial?

To request for a free trial, just filled-out the application form found here and start the free trial:  Alternatively, you can call us on 8843-6057 or send us an email at 

When will the requestor receive funds?

The funds will be credited instantly once the person you sent the request to confirms the transaction. The requestor will be notified via email once the funds have been successfully transferred.

How can I pay my bills?

You can instantly pay your bills by clicking ‘Bills Payment’ once you’re logged in to your RCF wallet. Select the recipient from the drop-down menu, then indicate your reference number, include a memo or transaction notes (if any) and the amount then send.

Is there a daily minimum or maximum amount I can transfer?

There is a maximum amount for RCF to RCF transfers amounting to Php20,000 per transaction. The minimum amount for eGC transfers you can send is Php500 and the maximum is Php10,000 per transaction. If you want to adjust the withdrawal limit, you can send us a request via This will be subject for review […]